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A Shipsuit is the standard uniform of the UGAL spacefleet. Manufactured by Anaheim Q-tronics, Shipsuits also come in a non-military design that is the garment of choice for most space professionals.


A standard shipsuit has many features that make it a desirable choice for those whose work is in outer space. Some of them include:

  • cut-resistant fabric - high-strength polymers resist tearing, offer abrasion residence, can hold atmospheric pressure, and have a long duty cycle so you don't have to replace your uniforms frequently.
  • automatic breathability adjustment - With legacy clothing, you had to choose a breathable fabric, or a water-tight one. The Anahiem Shipsuit automatically adjusts the flow-through rate from zero up to forty-seven percent, so you can stay comfortable and safe in any atmosphere.
  • automatic vacuum protection - Anaheim Q-tronics recommends the use of a certified space-helmet with your Shipsuit for any EVA work. In the event of an unforeseen hull breach, the collar of the Shipsuit contains nano-polymers that will form an emergency helmet. This feature deploys automatically in ten seconds or less upon exposure to vacuum. Please note that this feature is intended for emergency use ONLY. Some tissue damage and loss of consciousness may occur. DO NOT RELY ON THIS FEATURE FOR EVA WORK!
  • Auto-sealing - With the use of approved helmets, boots, and gloves, your Shipsuit is approved for short-duty EVA work. Your suit will seal the jacket and pant seams, boot seams, glove seams, and lock into your helmet with either manual control, the lock-command from equipped air-locks, or automatically upon exposure to vacuum. Please do not rely on this last option, as it is intended for emergency use only.
  • Built-in emergency beacon - Your suit has a built-in emergency beacon that comes pre-set to use the UGAL EBIC standard. You'll never need to worry about being lost when you're wearing a Anaheim Q-tronics Shipsuit!
  • Climate-controlled - Not only can you be comfortable in any planetary environment, you can tailor your personal comfort level at any time. Whether you're working hard, or in the frigid cold of deep space, you won't ever have to worry about heat-stroke or frostbite.
  • Full electrical insulation - Your ship-suit is rated to insulate you against 80,000 volts, as well as full cosmic ray protection for fourteen straight hours. (Your suit is not rated to protect against plasma weapons. This feature is available on military models only.)
  • Twelve pockets! - You'll never have to worry about where to store tools or personal effects with the Anaheim Q-tronics Shipsuit! This is up to 100% more pockets than some of our competitors!
  • Works with any belt - From classic loop-belts, to mag belts, to nano-lock belts, your favorite belt WILL work with your Shipsuit!

Optional Accessories:

  • Built-in Wrist-Comp - The same tech used in the award-winning Anaheim Q-tronics Belt-Comp, including full Sat-Net access, only mounted on your wrist and built-in to the jacket sleeve. This allows for easy use during EVA activity, as well as easier multi-tasking during shipboard operations.
  • Built-in Comm - Communicate with your ship's computer or crewmates without having to carry a separate comm device. This option will be set to the customers registered comm frequency upon order.
  • Adjust-a-fit - While the Shipsuit is not one-size-fits-all, certain measurements are adjustable to ten centimeters, including cuff size, waist size, and shoulder gather (bust size is adjustable on women's suits, but not on men's.)
  • Custom options available upon request!

Accept no substitutes, contact your local Anaheim Q-tronics dealer to place your order for a Shipsuit today!


*This Sat-Net article sponsored by Anaheim Q-tronics