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Space Elevator

The Space Elevator is a space station in geo-syncronis orbit that is connected to the planet's surface with several carbon nanotube cables. Four diffrent lifts run up and down the cables to ferry passangers and cargo to and from space.

Construction on the elevator was completed in late December of 2099, barely meeting it's construction deadline. An artificial island was constructed planetside in the Pacific ocean as a point for passangers and cargo to arrive and disembark from. (At opening, only a small platform was completed. It took and additonal 50 years for the rest of the island to be finished.)
The space station at the other end of the cable was considered finished at the Elevator's opening, but it has been expanded and upgraded consideraby. The modern facility bares little resemblance to the origional station.

Technolgically, the Space Elevator is now considered outdated since the invention of reliable anti-grav in the early 31st century. Despite being considered outdated, the Elevator is still used and maintained extensivly, as it is still the most efficent meathod of getting cargo to orbit.