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Heim Class Light Cruiser


The latest and most advanced starship used by UGAL. The ship was designed and built by Anaheim Q-tronics to both explore the outer reaches of known space and to combat the rising threat of pirates preying on luxury space liners and colonies. The class of ship (and the prototype model) are named after Burkhard Heim, whose theoretical work on extra-dimensional space and anti-gravity in the 1950s eventually led to the development of the hyperdrive engine in 3063.


The hyperdrive generator on the Heim uses a new system that utilizes two pods mounted two thirds of the way toward the stern of the ship to generate the electro/magnetic/gravitational field, instead the usual arrangement of one solid ring encircling the ship.

The bridge of a Heim-class ship is located just forward of the center of the ship on deck eight.

A Heim-class ship has a shuttlebay that takes up three decks in the rear of the ship, used for passenger shuttles, cargo, and a dry-dock area for emergency repairs to ships small enough to fit inside. The shuttle bay can also be used for cargo. The spacedoor for the shuttlebay is a large one-piece door that opens vertically. The shuttlebay is also equipped with a force-field around the frame for the spacedoor to hold in the atmosphere during ingress and egress of vehicals.

A Flight deck is in the front of the ship. The Flight Deck holds twenty one-man fighters, and five EDE's. The center of the Flight deck has a long runway to allow maneuvering and parking of the fighters (it can also be used to house more craft or cargo if the need arises.) Unlike the door to the shuttle-bay, the front of the Flight Deck splits horizontally, and both halves swing open to allow access to space. Also, the Flight Deck is not equipped with a force-field, requiring it to be de-pressurized for landings and launches.


Length: 220m
Decks: 15
Shuttle complement: 3
EDE complement: 5
Fighter complement: 20 - 25
Crew: 247
Max Speed: Hyper +5

Ships in this class:

Planned Heim-class ships:

  • Korolyov

Side View:

Front View: