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  Psygen Universe SatNet

Welcome to SatNet

SatNet contains a variety of information on the worlds, cultures, and technology of the member worlds of the United Galactic Alliance.

General users are restricted to non-classified information in an attempt to provided sensitive materials from falling into the hands of organizations or beings that may wish to harm citizens of the United Galactic Alliance.



Security Error: 04827 - Q-link to main security server unavailable.

The quantum link to the security satellite could not be completed. Cause unknown.
Un-restricted read-only access could be granted to third parties.

System Admin: ensure that this satellite's hardware is un-damaged.
End-users should not see this message.

If you are unable to resolve this problem, please bring this satellite off-line and contact Anaheim Q-tronics immediately.


(SatNet contains background and reference information on the characters, events, and places in the Psygen universe. It is mainly spoiler-free, but there may be some extra information revealed... )