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  Psygen Universe SatNet


SatNet is a communications and data network comprised of a series of quantumly linked satellites in orbit of UGAL member planets. SatNet satellites are also stationed at UGAL outposts and at regular intervals along transportation routes.

The satellites that comprise the SatNet network use a quantum-entangled transceiver that is linked to the other satellites in the network to enable almost real-time communication from any location that is within range of one of the satellites.

Each SatNet satellite has a minimum of one half of a quantum linked molecule for each connection it makes to another node in the SatNet network. The satelites can be quite large to accommodate space for these nodes, in addition to a reactor and a small control room.

Sat Net satellites are un-manned, but do have a small control room with very basic utilities for repair crews.

Most ships and communications devices in UGAL utilize SatNet to communicate with each other. Such devices only have to have one half of a quantum linked pair with a single SatNet satellite, however most have several pairs increased speed and redundency.


In 2067 the first satellite used for long distance space communication was launched. This satellite still used regular radio waves, but was dedicated for use by the international space effort for communication between the space station, moonbase, and Mars missions.
This has been hailed by historians as the birth of SatNet.

SatNet then replaced the old internet as the primary means of accessing data of all kinds.


Behind the scenes information:
In real physics, quantum entanglement is a real principle, but it doesn't work the way it does in the novel, and wouldn't really allow information to be sent faster than light.