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(Bast, a young adult meskka female)

A race of large cat-like sentient beings from the planet Alkask. They are, on average, 3 meters long, and generally friendly. They were fist discovered by humans in 3674. Meskka have opposable thumbs and have vocal apparatus capable of learning of learning some human languages. They are also native telepaths. The Meskka have fairly advanced technology, but design it so that it blends into the natural environment.

Meskka live in social units called clans. Each clan has it's own territory with a Khaal at the center. The clans are mostly solitary, but have a Great Council to handle matters that pertain to all the clans.
Meskka live, on average, to 200 years old, and are considered mature at 16 years.

Females are in heat twice a year with a gestation period of 7 months. As a result, almost all kittens are born in spring or fall.


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